Commercial Mitigations...  

Commercial mitigations are becoming more prevalent as old manufacturing sites are being converted to new commercial, residential or public building sites.  Besides the same risk as residential homes for high-radon levels, careless storage and discarding of chemical fluids used in cleaning and manufacturing processes are being found in soils under and around these sites.  This can cause leaching of these hazardous chemical gasses back into the building... or surrounding buildings and homes, via natural occuring pressurized ground gasses.  This pollution is typically called "Vapor Intrusion".  

Among these chemicals are...  

• Ammonium perfluorooctanoate or APFO, used in the production of fluorinated polymers.

• Tetrachloroethylene or PERC, used in Dry Cleaning or metal degreasing.

• Acrylamide, whose breakdown produces carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxides of nitrogen.

• Cyclohexane, used as a nonpolar solvent for the chemical industry.

• Acetone (Ketone), used in the Nail Polish industry and the manufacturing of plastics, drugs and other chemicals.

• Methanol, used in antifreeze, solvents and fuels.

• Trichloroethylene or TCE, an industrial solvent.

• Aniline, phenylamine or aminobenzene, used in the manufacturing of polyurethane.

• Styrene, used in rubber, plastic, insulation, fiberglass, pipes, automobile parts, food containers, and carpet backing.

• Methane, from the breakdown of leaf matter and buried garbage.

• Chemical Fertilizers, containing Nitrates and Phosphates.

• Benzene, a solvent used to produce drugs, plastics, synthetic rubber, and dyes.

Although chemical spills have happened primarily at commercial and industrial sites, old farm sites can also be a source of these chemicals or others.  As many new subdivisions are built on old farm sites, these chemicals can also be resident in the ground gasses coming into homes built on these sites.  RMES has the knowledge and experience to handle both commercial and residential mitigation projects at any size, lowering any and all harmful air-borne agents to safe levels.


Commercial Mitigations...