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Protocol is the key to getting a proper radon mitigation with the best results... and leaving a safe environment for our clients.  Radon mitigation systems must meet the following protocols to be an approved installation overseen by the EPA, NEHA, ASTM, NRSB, and the AARST.  In short, these guidelines are as follows...

• The radon fan must be located in a non-livable area of a house... i.e. garage, house attic, or outside.
• Mitigation piping must be either 3" or more schedule 40 PVC pipe.
• Mitigation exhaust must be at least 10' off the ground, at least 2' above any window, or if on a two-plus story house, at least 10' from any window.  

All pictures featured in the right-hand column are to "protocol".  Those pictures not fitting protocol are featured in "Bad Mitigations".  If your home's system, or someone you know, does not fit proper protocols, lodging a complaint against the installer with the WI Division of Public Health (608) 267-4796  or the SE WI-DNR (262) 896-8300, is easy.

Not lodging a complaint and fixing this system can put you, your family, or friends, in danger if this system fails to work properly.... the reason that strict mitigation protocols have been set up on a world-wide basis for more than 30 years. Additionally, if going to sell the house, a home inspector would point this system out as “non-compliant”, and a new system meeting protocols would need to be installed.... again, costing as much as the original system that was improperly installed. If you should have any questions regarding a radon system, you can call us at the phone number listed at the bottom of the page, or e-mail a picture of the system to us for an opinion.